Terms of Use

This file describes what makes up appropriate usage of the GambarUnik.ID website, it’s associated web services, and server infrastructure. It likewise covers our material small amounts policy and what you can anticipate regarding performance and accessibility.

If you have questions about what you are legally allowed to do with content found on this web site, please consult our DMCA Policy.

Gain access to
This website is meant to be accessed via basic web internet browser software application such as the ones present on our Compatible Internet browsers section, and similar products via direct interaction by a human. With the exception of openly accessible RSS feeds supplied in XML format, the website and its associated files are not suggested to be accessed by means of any automated ways such as by scripts or bots or automated applications.

Understand that if you utilize an automatic methods of accessing or downloading this website, in entire or in part, your access to the website might be avoided, terminated, delayed, or slowed either briefly or completely, particularly if you attempt to download too many large files simultaneously. This is necessary in order to protect the user-experience of the website for those who access it in the manner visualized by its authors.

Please comprehend that automated access to the site, via scripts, bots, or other similar means can have the impact of seriously deteriorating the efficiency of the website or incurring considerable extra costs to its operators without adequate revenue created to cover those expenses. Bear in mind, that even minor offenses against this policy can have a large unfavorable effect when integrated with comparable actions by other users.

We ask that you respect the above guidelines so that we may continue to use the website as a complimentary resource to the world. We prefer to utilize our resources, both human and monetary, to improve and broaden the functions and content of the web site. Your cooperation is necessary.

Direct hyperlinking to images and other big files hosted by GambarUnik.ID is strictly forbidden without our consent. You may naturally link directly to private HTML or XML based websites. Direct connecting to our little preview images is allowed however not ensured.

With the exception of publicly available RSS feeds in XML format, no files or services hosted on this web site are to be incorporated into any other online service or application without the revealed composed consent of the operators of this web site.

User-submitted Material
GambarUnik.ID is a community supported web site, depending on its user neighborhood for the bulk of its primary material. Presently we accept content submissions in the form of desktop wallpapers. In order to preserve the quality of our content offerings, just a subset of submissions are chosen to be released to publicly available portions of the web site.

A few of GambarUnik.ID’s content might be commented on openly, with user submitted text appearing straight on the website, associated with the appropriate material. It is the intention of the operators and designers of this website that the commenting function be utilized only for constructive feedback and other conversations straight associated to the material in question. It is not to be utilized for individual insults, specific or implied, off-topic conversations, racially or culturally insensitive product, sexual material, or other material not suited for a household audience consisting of children. Furthermore, we ask that personally identifiable information not be posted to the web site, despite whether it pertains to yourself or another person. Children under the age of 13 shall just post comments or other material under the guidance of a parent, guardian, or other accountable grownup.

We reserve the right to moderate the content posted on GambarUnik.ID, both throughout and after the submission procedure. The moderators might delete or modify material at any time, by hand or through automated means consisting of using user-generated data to determine what is and is not appropriate to our audience. Small amounts criteria might differ in time.

The operators of the website make an affordable effort to keep the availability and efficiency of GambarUnik.ID and its involved services. However, uptime and accessibility can not be ensured. The web site might occasionally be unattainable, in entire or in part, due to prepared or emergency situation maintenance, feature upgrades, bug repairs, server migrations, hardware upgrades and failures, or merely to avoid unauthorized use, hacking, or exploitation of the website, or its resources.

GambarUnik.ID, its owners, staff members, professionals, and partners shall not be held lawfully accountable or financially responsible for any loss, damage, or injury sustained as a result of the use or presence of GambarUnik.ID, its associated websites, material, services or infrastructure.

That being stated, if you have any issues about the web site, please make them known to the operators via e-mail.